Painted Ceilings

When painting any space, it’s important to remember this one tip: light colors come forward while dark colors recede. This means that a white ceiling feels as though it’s coming at you, while a darker color pushes back and away, making the space feel larger. Knowing this, I need to address the issue of a white ceiling that so many live with today.

I relate your personal space to what we experience outside, in nature. When we stand outside the sky seems endless and your surroundings so spacious because of the continuation of color. To have any space flow seamlessly, it’s important to paint the ceiling either the exact same color that you are applying on the walls, or using a color that is being used in another room. There is an exception, and you can have a lot of fun with color if this applies to your space: molding that sits between the wall and the ceiling. Here you have the opportunity to really play.

Many paint brush companies today have designed tools to make it easier to get an even coat up there (some are specially designed for popcorn ceilings), and the results will make your room not only look finished, but it will feel complete. Let’s take a look at this room done by Emily Lauderback of Seattle, WA. When she decided to continue the orange up onto the ceiling, we get a continuous flow of color, capturing that same effect we witness outdoors.

The results of our spaces are harmonious because when we understand the principles of color, we focus on the relationships that are created.

Room with painted ceiling | Color in Space Cottage Palette


  • Light colors come forward and dark colors recede.
  • Relate back to nature.
  • Focus on the color relationships.
  • Don’t hesistate – PAINT THE CEILING and enjoy your space!



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