Cash in on the Gold | Style Trends of 2013


Gold for Kids

A simple solution to a luxury look.

With the coming of 2013, you can expect to see gold make a huge statement this season. Why? Not only is gold beautiful, gold is timeless. I encourage my clients, friends, and family to invest in accents with a golden touch. Gold has always been associated with success and abundance, two positive forces that should be present in any space. Any color looks good with gold, which also makes accessorizing with it that much easier. There are many ways of incorporating this precious metal in affordable ways, but if you are able to spend a bit more, by all means indulge! You can be confident that you purchased a piece that will never go out of style. Only you will know if it’s real or not; everyone else will just see how beautiful your space looks.

Unless you plan on having a gold room, my tip would be:  gold here and there, but not everywhere.  As with all of your other special pieces throughout your home, let the gold shine as it does naturally, investing in a few pieces that you plan to have for a long time. This way you are able to create a luxury feel, that is still friendly on your wallet. Capturing gold in frames, lamp bases, candlesticks, and fabrics are easy ways to incorporate gold within the treasures you already have. And it also gives you a good reason to hit up your favorite antique or thrift store!


Gold Frames from Pottery Barn

You can get these lovely frames on sale NOW (01/08/13) at Pottery Barn.

Gold Mirror from Target

Enjoy this gem from Target.

Decorating your space should never feel like work – it should just feel like home.


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