Large and In Charge

By Noel Costumbrado

Below are some of my favorite ways to do it big in your space. I hope that these inspire you to consider finding something large to incorporate in your home. Playing with the scale of objects can really impact a room and fill up a lot of space if you have high ceilings or a large floor plan.

Large Mirrors

Stunning French mirror, reflecting back the opposite side of the space.

Stunning French mirror, reflecting back the opposite side of the space.

I tell clients to incorporate large mirrors in hallways, small living rooms, and bedrooms to make the space feel longer, larger, and lighter. This is a great way to add the illusion of more space as well as bounce off light. I love this photo found I on Pintrest, demonstrating how this large favorite can make a great statement in any dwelling. 

Large Pillows

Everyone loves a good pillow, regardless of the size. Large pillows are not only a beautiful, comforting accessory, but they can also serve as extra seating on the floor. Mixing and matching the size gives depth and an interest to any sofa or favorite chair.  These soft and cuddly pillows can be found at


Large Floral Arrangements

Gorgeous floral arrangement -  I also love the smaller ones positioned around.

Gorgeous floral arrangement – I also love the smaller ones positioned around.

There’s no better way to greet yourself and guests than with a large, blooming vase overflowing with flowers of the season. Besides their obvious beauty, they are also wonderful to smell too! I once learned that if your arrangement doesn’t look quite right, the trick is to add more! If you want a large bouquet but don’t have the budget, try going with large blooms such as hydrangeas or lilies and a lot of filler to get that ‘large and in charge’ effect, as well as finding flowers in season.

Large Artwork

The colors in the painting are a great complement to the wall color and furnishings in this room.

The colors in the painting are a great complement to the wall color and furnishings in this room.

Sometimes a small collection of favorite photos are an excellent way to eat up some wall space, and sometimes, a large piece of artwork might be just the statement you were looking for. The wonderful thing about large art(and artwork in general) is that your options are endless. You can purchase finished work, have a custom pieces made, or do it yourself. My advice on getting any kind of large art is to purchase what you love. Let the work speak to you, and envision how it would look and feel in your space. If you are moving into a new home, are thinking about painting, and need some color palette inspiration, start with your most coveted piece and pull colors from there. Take a look at the space above. The colors throughout the space are directly reflected from the painting, creating balance and harmony between the orange, warm tones and the deeper violet, cool tones of the walls and furnishings. This piece above is also an excellent example of how the art gives the room an instant luxury feel.

Large Closets

Large Closet

I think any woman would be delighted to wake up every morning and spend time getting ready in this closet, any day of the week.

There’s not much to say about large closets other than I love them and I wish I had one :). When I finally do, I want to re-create and achieve the same ease and elegance of this one. The soft furnishings and shiny hard surfaces are playful with each other, while the painting and chandelier keep it classy and chic.

Large Doors

Wall-sized doors are perfect for entertaining, and in this photo, for fun.

Wall-sized doors are perfect for entertaining, and in this photo, for fun.

Doors these days can be custom fit for any home. If you’ve got some extra funding in your budget, consider going large on the entry and exits of your home.  Open up to the outdoor space of your home for entertaining your family and guests.

Large Ottomans


Grand ottoman in bright warm tones.

The ottoman, whether large or small, is always a focal point in any room. For smaller spaces, a large ottoman is a wonderful way to get additional seating in while having friends over for game night, and function as a coffee table when your not entertaining. Get them upholstered in soft, velvety fabrics or tough leather to exhibit your unique tastes.


Large Comfy Chairs

Soft, warm, and purple. Cue the rain and quilt.

Soft, warm, and purple. Cue the rain and quilt.

I love curling up in a chair and blanket to read, write, knit, etc. The experience is even better when you are able to share with another. Get cozy with your partner, or cuddle up with the kids for their favorite story in an over-sized chair. The chair I’ve picked above took me to that space where the jazz is playing in the background while I’m enjoying a Caramel Macchiato, reading my favorite design magazine.


Large Dining Room Tables

Some of the best memories of your life happen at the dinner table. There’s that sense of gathering, growing, and relaxing that we can all relate to. Being prepared for guests with a spread on a rustic farm table is a way of creating an easy-going style, inviting everyone to help themselves and enjoy their time. This is also a large purchase and should be seriously thought about. You want a piece that will look good 2, 5, 50 years from now, so I always advise to invest in a quality dining room table that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Large Fireplaces

Warming up never looked so good.

Warming up never looked so good.

As January is known for being the coldest month of the year, having a working fireplace is but a dream. I love how grand they’ve made the surround, but I think they could have gone with a larger accessory for above the mantle and it could use a bit more color. Nonetheless, I’m focused on the scale and simplicity the space has to offer.

Large Lighting

Gorgeous sphere pendants by Rejuvenation.

Gorgeous sphere pendants by Rejuvenation.

I love how large these are in size, yet the fact that they are clear glass really helps them blend back into the rest of the kitchen. Some kitchen designs focus on the tile work or counter tops while this kitchen’s statement is the lighting. Have these installed with a dimmer switch and create the mood that’s right for the moment; from homework time to a romantic evening cooking in the kitchen.

In summary, some of my favorite large picks are:



Floral Arrangements





Comfy Chairs

Dining Room Tables



What’s your favorite over-sized object?

Share some pictures and why you love it!


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