FIVE inspirations for 2/5/13

1. Metals

Gold, copper, and brass are shining in design trends, and the time to purchase a piece for the home has never been better. The doors above in copper This brass faucet is a must have

Incorporate brass through faucet fixtures.

Incorporate your favorite metal through faucet fixtures.

2. Baby’s Room at Grandma and Grandpa’s

I am lucky enough to announce that at any moment within the next two weeks, I will be an auntie to a beautiful baby girl, about to make her debut.

I like this space below for grandma and grandpa’s nesting spot for their grandchild.

metal finished lighting

Adding the touch of gold above creates great interest in a subtle way.

2. The Kitchen Sink

As I am gathering my resources this winter, kitchen sinks are one of my favorite things to research. I love this vintage sink below, would love to achieve that look for any client of mine.

A great kitchen sink for any home.

Vintage Sink with modern faucet fixture.

4. Salt and Pepper Shakers

I figured I’d keep you in the kitchen and continue on with my 4th inspiration at the moment: salt and pepper shakers. Whether you are a collector of sports, or maybe you have a mom that loves cows, there’s a set of salt and pepper shakers for everyone. I am fond of these vintage shakers, found on Etsy. How fun?!

I am a fan of the scale of this teapot and stove.

5. Candles

Lately I’ve had at least two candles burning every evening. Not only do I love the scent, it’s the light flicker of the flame that helps keep the feeling soft and comfortable. Keep things warm and cozy with a burning candle in the home.

Mandarin Woods at Target - favorite scent in the whole section!

Mandarin Woods at Target  – a favorite of mine.

What’s currently inspiring you? Share!

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